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Public Relations

Whether it's consumer or corporate coverage you're after, we can help you get the word out to the right audience using the right medium.

Stakeholder Engagement

Community building is at the heart of what we do. We can help you communicate with stakeholders.

Strategic Consultancy

Let's get the tone right from the beginning: what is your purpose and how can we achieve your goals. We are here to give you advice.


Every event needs a host, and we are ready to help organise it from selecting the food to choosing the guests.

digital comms

From social media support to content creation, we can help you get the message right.

Public Affairs

There is an overlap between PR and public affairs, and often engagement needs to be on a higher level to influence.


Residential development

Commercial development

High STreet, Destination and retail


digital comms

Public Affairs

Who is MATT?

Matt doesn't work here yet - but MATT PR is all about creating a culture that empowers its people - clients and team mates alike.

For an industry which is about reputation management, PR has a bad reputation. So long gone are the pointless reports which eat into energy and momentum, let's help you reach your goals!



Founded by Aceil Haddad in 2021, MATT PR is centred around inclusion. A culture led from the top that doesn’t obsess over presentee-ism, but about quality and ‘getting it’.

We create a team for you, with the right people for the project, from our talented copywriters Stacey and Arabella, to Brendan who has his finger on the political pulse, to Ashleigh who is a whizz on socials - all led by Aceil who project manages, pitches to journalists, and works across all accounts.

We listen, respond and act!

More importantly:

You might read much of the above on other public relations websites. You know what we can do, but our job is about people, about relationships.

MATT PR is about you, and us.

​We aren't interested in passing time, we want to use our time working together for the benefit of us both. That means no wordy documents for the sake of it, no stretching work to fill a retainer, with logical and fair billing.


Rose Pullan

Head of Marketing & Communications at Barratt London

“Aceil always brought fresh ideas to the table and forged strong relationships with journalists and stakeholders.”

Graham Dunn


Matt Rhodes

Director of Communications & Public Affairs ATThe Hyde Group

"Aceil is great to work with and has great insight to help campaigns and messages cut-through. Her connections are second to none and her passion to make a difference for people and organisations is contagious! I hope to work with her again soon."

Kush Rawal

Executive Director of Customer Services AT METROPOLITAN THAMES VALLEY

“Aceil is one of the most capable PR professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her creative flair & commitment to delivering results are second to none. No matter the subject she will find the angle & deliver to meet client requirements."

Fran Milsom

Co-founder of


“I really enjoyed working with Aceil. She brought energy and enthusiasm to the project we worked on and had a dedication and focus that was really admirable. She pulled out all the stops to get things delivered on time and to very high standards. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her - she's great!”

“From the initial meeting with Matt PR, it was clear that Aceil totally understood our business objectives and could support us in achieving these. Every meeting we have is focussed with tangible outcomes because she understands our market so well, meaning we don’t waste time or resources.”

"I can't recommend Aceil enough, she's delivered some outstanding coverage for us. The brief was to raise our profile within the trade press as well as a bit of consumer and she's delivered. Not only has our profile been raise but we've won a couple of big corporate accounts directly from it. As well as the work she has done with us, it's always a pleasure going for a drink too!”


office address

Old Street Yard Matt Pr / Town Sq, 1st Floor, 2-4 Old Street Yard, London, England, EC1Y 8AF

phone number

+44 7856 290630